Businessfokus provides the required methodology and management tool aimed to launch optimization processes for competitiveness

Questions that we are able to respond

We will be pleased helping you to find the appropriate answer to each and every question that a good executive will be asking himself and to expound his decisions supported by strong and reliable arguments

The usefulness of this application is especially conceived for territories, economic sectors, clusters and complex organizations where different actors do interact and who, while searching for their own benefit, arrive to build a collective value chain becoming dependent on each other. They represent, in fact, the main target group for what we have come to call theIndexfokus Competitivenessapplication that offers three different versions:

Managers, as well people in charge of the economic development of such organizations should under no circumstances stop taking the following actions:

  • Getting to know the allocated competitiveness general level and the level from the different stakeholders
  • Identifying competitiveness gaps for each factor
  • Prioritizing actions over factors of competitiveness
  • Setting up or improving good practices to be pursued for each factor
  • Designing the best competitive strategy in agreement

Businessfokus has developed the so called Indexfokus methodology to assess vague objects and features taking into account the stakeholder´s perspective

Our approach towards competitiveness

When it comes to talking about competitiveness, it turns out to be a vague concept that integrates many other and is therefore hard to measure accurately.

Facing this inability and, despite the fact that everyone acknowledges the importance of being more competitive in a global market, no one seems to be able to provide the equation for competitiveness.

Businessfokus holds that “The competitiveness of a company is the result of competent people who, due to their yearning for improvement, get organized in order to optimize the commercialisation of their products and services, reaching therefore higher productivity rates and creating the required innovation culture that enables them to possess a competitive advantage in providing Society with answers and creating value in an honest and sustainable manner”.

This rather “emotional” approach goes beyond merely econometric factors and Businessfokus has applied Indexfokus methodology to collect and arrange the perceptions of those highly experienced professionals, who cherish knowledge about the organizations to be assessed and the market in which they compete.

The use of this methodology to assess competitiveness is based on the ideas of perception as described in Gestalt, the pillars of competitiveness established by the World Economic Forum, the stakeholder´s theory, which is increasingly becoming relevant for new management models and the high potential that internet offers for the construction of social/neuronal networks for modern companies.