Where is Indexfokus applicable? What is its usefulness?

Indexfokus Competitiveness presents three versions specifically designed to make the stakeholders take part in competitiveness evaluation:

Territorial competitiveness: regions, provinces, groups of municipalities, areas

In a global market each territory, region, province, group of municipality and area keep competing to attract investments, business plans and therefore being able to create new jobs and contribute to wealth.

Getting to know the competitiveness factors that concern your business in the different markets and the competitiveness level you reach in comparison to the best competitor in each of them is essential to prescribe the optimal proposal for territorial competitiveness and to develop the appropriate competitiveness strategy.

Businessfokus has carried out two specific evaluations that allow to evaluate competitiveness of territories. By inviting stakeholder experts such as Public Administration, Academic Institutions, Businessmen, Employees, Professional Organizations, etc. to take part in the analysis, their perceptions and expectations regarding territorial competitiveness, competitiveness gaps they detect for each factor and the good practices to be introduced or reinforced for each zone will easily rise to the surface.

A social leader will regard Indexfokus as the tool that will easily and quickly let him know about the stakeholder´s vision of competitiveness, and any other areas he should be interested in. To take the best political decisions and supporting them consistently will be very easy relying on Indexfokus results.

Business Associations competitiveness: clusters and economic sectors

What is meant when talking about clusters and economic sectors are organizations in which actors with different profiles keep interacting. Even though competing among themselves, they certainly obtain benefits by cooperating and putting their efforts together.

It might seem rather difficult to create the high trust environment necessary to defeat opposition and promoting cooperation among them. To succeed in completing this task, all the members need to get the opportunity to reveal their feelings and expectations.

Indexfokus has the clue to solve this problem. The tool allows you to create any number of groups you consider appropriate and to assign them the experts you would like to take part in the competitiveness evaluation.

Each one of them will be receiving consecutively two evaluations and relying on their responses, Indexfokus will be creating the results that will let you detect the competitiveness gaps for each factor, general indexes and indexes for each created group, as well as the improvement itineraries the specific sector or cluster needs in order to improve competitiveness.

The cluster director or sector responsible will then be able to explain to all the members the general perception, the stakeholders group perception, in which competitiveness factors you can find the biggest gaps and which good practices have to be improved.

WithIndexfokus meetings will become far more agile and the considerations will focus on the real problems. Decisions will easily be supported by strong arguments and the messages will be adapted to each stakeholder.

Complex organizations competitiveness: public and private

Complex organizations such as unfocused and diversified businesses, partnerships and public bodies, etc. interact simultaneously with different stakeholder groups within different territories or markets.

It is essential to obtain at a time all their perceptions regarding the organization´s competitiveness in order to be able to detect weaknesses and threats, as well as to reinforcing and extending strengths and taking advantage of new opportunities. It is of vital importance to know the competitiveness gaps analyzed from different perspectives in order to obtain higher effectiveness and credibility.

Indexfokus helps the organization managers to better understand the different groups that interact with them on a professional level and therefore to determine the factors upon which to focus their actions, to better assign the resources and to establish the goals to improve competitiveness.

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