Introduction to Indexfokus Competitiveness

Indexfokus Competitiveness is the result of applying Indexfokus methodology to the competitiveness field, which enables us to assess competitiveness of complex organizations and to create a competitive strategy that has previously been agreed with the stakeholders.

Indexfokus Competitiveness provides three different versions depending on the following factors of application:

Indexfokus general functioning

Indexfokus Competitiveness works with a set of competitiveness related proposals. They are classified in two different evaluations and adapted to the analyzed organizational type: territories, business associations and complex organizations.

The tool may be used by the concerned person, who will be given access to the application anywhere and anytime from any terminal connected to the internet. The entire process will be directed and controlled by the user himself. The process is initiated by determining the stakeholders groups, since their perception of competitiveness is considered to be essential.

The organization subject to analysis should appoint the experts it would like to take part of the assessment process.

Just as the experts are given access to the Indexfokus system, they are assigned to the stakeholder group that suits them best.

Proceso Indexfokus de mejora de la competitividad

Once all the experts have been given access to the system, the process may be launched. Whenever considered convenient, the experts will be receiving by email the links to two evaluations, hence getting them the opportunity to complete them from any terminal at any given time.
The first evaluation analyzes the relevance of competitiveness factors involved in the assessed quality. This task demands approximately 10 minutes. The second evaluation implies the expert´s measurement of the degree to which the best practices for each factor are being satisfactorily applied within the organization. This evaluation will not be taking more than 20 minutes of your time.

Factors of competitiveness

The competitiveness factors analyzed by Indexfokus Competitiveness symbolize an adaptation on a microeconomic level of the pillars of competitiveness established by the World Economic Forum for their macroeconomic research studies.

By way of example find out what Indexfokus takes into account when assessing competitiveness of clusters:

  • FC1: Administration and management
  • FC2: Infrastructures, facilities and basic services
  • FC3: Financial results
  • FC4: Personnel training and versatility
  • FC5: Manager´s and technician´s talent
  • FC6: Offer distinction: products/services
  • FC7: Efficiency of the labour market
  • FC8: Access to funding
  • FC9: Technology supporting the business activity
  • FC10: Geographic location and social-economic environment
  • FC11: Business complexity
  • FC12: Research, development and innovation

Good practices

Good practices linked to those competitiveness factors may be presented in series comprising five activities or general attitudes for each one of them. We offer you the opportunity to bring in specific good practices upon the customer´s request. This option, however, exceeds the regular standards of the application and an additional development which requires a specific estimation is needed.

Further operational information

Indexfokus process duration

In order to obtain the maximum cooperation of the invited experts, it is of vital importance that the people in charge should pass them on the transcendence of the assessment, the need to count on expert´s value judgements and the committment to make the obtained results public and to implement the conclusions.

A small group of two to three persons, who are familiar with the organization, might be monitoring the involvement level, solve any doubts that might arise and motivate the assessor´s cooperation with aid of the tool that allows you to know at any time who and who not has been completing the evaluations.

Indexfokus Competitiveness may submit results within two months during regular activity periods provided an adequate presentation and tracking has been made.

Confidentiality concerning data provided by the assessor is guaranteed by the system since the results are merely produced through the accumulated information on a group level.