Tool´s charts

Indexfokus has been conceived as a management tool in “cloud computing” by our partner Gaindynamics and it submits all results in graphic design in order to help you with the analysis, decision making and tracking the evolution throughout time.

Main charts are as follows:

The graphic performance of the tool allows you to undertake any type of comparative studies of the results for different stakeholder groups and of the latter with general groups.

The knowledge of which positive or negative aspects coincide and which differ, helps the management to get a better knowledge of their stakeholders, improves the vision and expectations it has of the organization and consequently enables it to optimize their policies.

Indexes of Competitiveness

First of all, Indexfokus Competitiveness shows leaders of regions, groups of municipalities, economic sectors, clusters and complex organizations the level of competitiveness perceived of their organizations on a general level and by each of their stakeholders. Please, find an example.

Índices de competitividad

Analysis of environmental competitiveness

At a first stage of evaluation, the experts analyze the relevance of competitiveness factors.

In a global market those factors represent determinant information that every competitor has to face in order to become leaders. Since not all markets are equal, what we obtain from the first evaluation is the relevance that our experts award to each one of the 12 competitiveness factors Indexfokus in the specific market where the organization is acting.

Results are submitted according to stakeholder groups, so you can easily distinguish their differing market visions.

Análisis del entorno competitivo

Internal competitiveness analysis

The second evaluation helps each expert to calibrate the way in which the organization is applying a series of good practices related to each competitiveness factor.

Indexfokus Competitiveness uses this information to determine the competitive positioning the stakeholders assign to the organization for each competitiveness factor and submits it by using a chart.

By getting to know the different perceptions the managers will reflect upon their decisions and they will be able to approach problems avoiding the usual digressions that appear during strategic management processes.

gráfico de calibrado

Indexfokus competitiveness analysis

To obtain the best results for a given competitiveness factor might not be sufficient to be the most competitive of all organizations converging in a market. Relevance of the key to the evaluation.

Indeed, the competitive position should be analyzed based on the relevance of each factor in order to do a valid estimation of the general competitiveness level.

Indexfokus Competitiveness That is exactly what Indexfokus Competitiveness does and, additionally, it submits it by using charts so it might appropriately be understood.

From the Indexfokus chart shown as an example, we can see that the factors appear as columns, the width depending on the relevance and the height depending on the competitiveness level assigned to the organization.

The black surface on top is what in Businessfokus we call the competitiveness dark area and it means the sum of all the competitiveness gaps of the organization according to the expert´s evaluations.

Gaps of Competitiveness

By using the information from the previous Indexfokus chart, the tool calculates the competitiveness gaps, which means the surface that has still to be covered by the organization in order to reach the maximum competitiveness level for each factor.

The gap´s size will let you prioritize the factors depending on their influence on the general competitiveness index assigned to the organization. This means that it takes into account the positioning improvement itinerary for a specific factor, as well as the relevance of the factor itself. Indexfokus arranges the factors in order to help the organization to act in the right way when it comes to improve competitiveness.

When talking about assigning resources, the factor´s gap´s size in proportion to the competitors dark area offers a reasonable distribution when aiming towards a competitiveness improvement.

The following chart shows the different factors arranged according to the gap´s size and comparing the stakeholder´s perceptions with the general perception.

establecer prioridades para aumentar la competitividad

The good practices improvement itineraries linked to competitiveness factors

Once priorities have been established and the resources concerning the competitiveness factors have been assigned, Indexfokus allows you to launch a competitiveness plan focusing on good practices to be improved.

Relying on the information collected from all the experts involved in the process, the tool shows the itinerary of a couple of good practices related to each competitiveness factor. The chart shows as way of example one of the 12 charts provided by Indexfokus Competitiveness for each competitiveness factor.

Plan de buenas prácticas

Competitiveness evolution throughout time

The Indexfokus Competitiveness application has been designed to help the management of an organization to integrate competitiveness in their management and to have power over how the decisions may influence the stakeholder´s perception of the organization.

Each evaluation result may be compared to previous evaluations following the same tool and the same criteria.