Presentation at international congresses

We have been able to overtake the established requirements to present Indexfokus at highly prestigious international congresses.

Some of our customer´s opinions

“This company operates with a focus I was absolutely ignorant of and that assesses two-dimensional aspects since it shows the positioning and relevance for each factor. Even though implying a big working load in the beginning, when it comes to identifying the target market for the analysis, the result turns out to be highly valuable since it allows for a huge number of reports handling data easily”
IGNACIO ORRADRE (Secretary General), Transportation Businessmen Association of Navarra
“The stakeholder´s involvement in competitiveness management for each cluster is a key factor to making us considering the importance of these projects”
JAVIER MARTINENA BERGASA (Secretary General), Businessmen Alliance of Navarra
“The involvement of a team composed by interdisciplinary profiles helps to obtaining a global view evaluating competitiveness and provides the approach with reasonable facts and scientific and doctrinal internationally ratified criteria. This tool is specially aimed at clusters and groups interested at the competitive development of their business sector in a specific territory”
JAVIER CIRIZA (Partner), Areté Activa

Some of our executed projects

Find some analyses carried-out with the Indexfokus Competitiveness tool for the Employment Observatory of Navarra. Those analyses have been hired by the Businessmen Confederation of Navarra and they are at your disposal due to their public nature:

Competitiveness La Ribera

Summary of the project Source: Businessmen Confederation of Navarra. Aim [...]

Competitiveness Tierra Estrella

Summary of the project Source: Businessmen Confederation of Navarra. Aim [...]