Indexfokus competitiveness is an application developed in cloud computing which makes it accessible any time and anywhere. You will only need a terminal with internet access (pc, tablet or mobile phone).

By using the correct passwords you may enter the application any time and you will be able to design competitiveness evaluations, view the evolution of current evaluations, motivate experts to cooperate, select results for stakeholder´s groups in order to prepare specific meetings and have access to any available information.You will get to know about the value Indexfokus offers and you will have access to all the information that has been created over the time. In case you should be interested in knowing more about the tool and willing to do an individual test you just have to tell us and Businessfokus will provide you a password with no commitment from your side. This option will serve you to learn and to confirm the usefulness of Indexfokus charts.

Questions to Businessfokus are welcome any time by email or Skype.

As soon as you have made your own evaluations and you are ready to hire a Multifocal analysis letting experts and representatives of the different stakeholder groups of your interest into the analysis, please request a quotation and you will be surprised of how much value you will be getting in return for so little money.

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