GobernanzaAll Spain is occurring in massive changes, but in other countries also. Citizens have wanted it so and in autonomous communities and city councils occur relay of rulers. Governing is not easy. Mark the address, manage resources and better control the progress of a society toward a goal is, or should be the aspiration of all our politicians, but very few of them are able to get it unless you decrease the trust and admiration of the people. Many things have occurred in the world over the years, but the biggest changes, is globalization.

Thanks to the individuals and all societies inter-connected, the difficulty of governing is increased dramatically since for any political decision, the networks react instantly with alternative solutions which have been applied in places and different cultures to solve similar problems. In our days the political decision-making process must adapt to the requirements of a new society each time more educated, more informed, more critical, more connected, more reactive. The European Commission in its white paper on European governance (2001) called governance: A set of rules, processes and behaviour that affect the way how the power at European level, is exercised particularly in what refers to the opening, participation, accountability, effectiveness and coherence. (WP) In my opinion, governance is the style with which the Government is exercised and therefore is something which, in so far as that mood is transmitted from rulers to all institutions, is transformed into a culture that characterizes their society.

We probably do the citizens of Europe when we voted in an election is to qualify the way that has ruled and when we have not perceived in Government openness, responsibility, or consistency or effectiveness, we change our vote giving option to other proposals. If the rulers will be is because, regardless of the outcome, they failed to give all social interests, accommodate and balance that enter must be vigilant not to fall into the same mistakes. A community, society or territory where not prevail the transparency, honesty, equality of opportunities, administrative efficiency, collaboration, cooperation, democracy, and its leaders do not distinguish themselves by their competence and sensitivity, it will not be of interest for those who wish to invest their time and money to build a better world, that the World Economic Forum sees governance as the first pillar of competitiveness.

Enrique Diaz Moreno