Clusters have become instruments of governments around the world to promote the economic development of the territory, especially at regional levels.
These groups function as ecosystems and must have a competitive resulting vector, by adding all the different interests of those who form part of them, to thrive.

Why they are successful in some regions and fail in others? Experience shows that without public support, naturally some clusters have been established in various parts of the globe, while in others, with great support from governments, have failed. What’s behind the success and failure?

This week, ​​sponsored by Acció,  TCI Cluster Evaluation Group will met in Barcelona. Evaluation experts around the world will come together to find answers to these and other questions we all do.

I will attend this meeting in order to learn from my colleagues and trying to improve the methodology Indexfokus Competitiveness. I also show them the way in Businessfokus, we try to analyze the competitiveness of complex organizations.