The art of cluster management.

This article by Vincent Dugrée collects, in my opinion, the essential aspects of managing a cluster.

Vincent knows the reality and knows that the success of the cluster is to strengthen relations win to win among all its stakeholders.

portadaAll seek their own benefit individually, all have particular interests and goals, but all stakeholders are aware that only working in collaboration with the rest, their chances to survive, to become stronger, more competitive, are higher.

Assess the health of a cluster is to assess the quality of the relationships among its stakeholders. These relationships can only be good when a code of conduct and a vision are shared. The cluster manager will get the respect of their members in the extent to which all stakeholders can freely express their ideas and decisions can be justified by the common good. When that is the case, the particular interests yield to the common interest. That is the role and responsibility of the leader of a cluster.

Vincent presided at the 18th TCI Global Conference, the theme table where I presented the paper “Indexfokus: A cluster’s competitiveness as perceived by stakeholders”