Acerca de Enrique Díaz Moreno

My career developed over 20 years in private business. I held senior management and Board positions in Spanish and multinational companies from different economic sectors with responsibilities related to business strategy, general management, technical direction and marketing. In 2003 I was appointed by the Minister of Industry, Trade, Technology and Labour of Navarre as Director General of Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs for the 2003-2007 term. In 2008, the Government of Navarre asked me to create a Regional Agency to implement the strategy of our Community for Logistics and Transport of Goods in order the Navarre firms could improve their competitiveness by reducing transport costs. In 2012 I founded Businessfokus with the idea of helping organizations to take into account the perspectives of its stakeholders. I have also been a professor of strategy and Scorecard at the Public University of Navarra and I formed part of TCI as member and mentor.
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